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Charlie Tourtellotte is a strategic, multidisciplinary designer, creative director and founder of Soapbox Creative. With over eight years experience, he has had the of pleasure working with high-profile entertainment, large-scale corporate and small business clientele. Soapbox Creative specializes in providing interactive design, UX, motion graphic design, social media, brand identity design, content creation and print collateral. We are based out of beautiful Santa Monica, CA.


  • Logo & Identity Design

  • Web and Print Design

  • Commercial Illustration and Iconography

  • Signs & Infographics

  • Branding & Advertising

  • Motion Graphics & Kinetic Typography

Taulia Social Media Cover Designs

By Charlie Tourtellotte

Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter cover photos created for Taulia Inc. The designs were created as a call-to-action to help promote and drive traffic to their P2P Superheroes Video campaign.

Jackson Glen Logo Design

By Charlie Tourtellotte

Jackson Glen is a mixed use building that includes 26 private residences and 3 large commercial spaces located in Glendale. The direction for the logo was to use the architectural focal point of the building, or its front, which faces Colorado (main thoroughfare). They wanted a logo that is more contemporary in style, something “edgy”.

Black Hat Historians Logo Design

By Charlie Tourtellotte

Black Hat Historians is a collective for investigating the dark side of history.  The logo design contains elements from different mysteries that have occurred in Venice Beach.  The Charlie Chaplin hat makes reference to the mysterious disappearance and murder of Chaplin’s body double at Building 26 in Venice.  The snake in the logo represents the mysteries surrounding the infamous Synanon Cult and a snake that was planted in a victims mailbox.


Colorado University Anology Illustrations

By Charlie Tourtellotte

Created for the University of Colorado.  The task for this project was to create 10 scenes with 5 different caricatures designed after well known and highly regarded figureheads and related locations at the University.  Each Photoshop deliverable was required to be fully editable by the client in order that they could alter text, and change position and color of objects in the scene. The character heads were modeled with Zbrush and 3ds Max then comped into the various scenes with Photoshop.


Charlie Tourtellotte
Creative Director
Soapbox Creative